About us

For more than two years now CLT2 has been developing very strong technological and professional expertise in its field of excellence, the management and distribution of works of art and collections.

Established in 2008, Compagnie LT 2 (“CLT2”) originally provided services to art galleries and private collectors who were looking for the services of professionals for all tasks having to do with inventorying, managing and developing their collections.

As part of this activity, the need for an effective, high-performance solution for managing and distributing works seemed far from being met. Indeed, the solutions currently available on the market are often costly and archaic: neither ergonomic nor secure, these software do not exploit the technological advances of the Internet, do not allow broad and easy distribution of information, and often require cumbersome and bothersome installation procedures. Most of all, they do not include the functions needed for the business of professionals and only partially organise information relating to works, exhibitions and artists.

That is why CLT 2 decided to design and develop new, innovative and secure tools based on the new information and communication technologies that would address all professionals in the art market, both in terms of management needs and those of sharing and distribution.

Today the company has some ten employees and associates with professional backgrounds and varied and complementary experience who all share the same passion for art. On average, each has some twenty years of experience in the art market.

Today CLT2 dedicates a major portion of its resources to R&D and develops tactile, rich Internet applications (RIA) that are very innovative.