Collectio is a solution developed by and for art professionals and collectors. It combines a software based on all the latest information technologies and a very powerful, parameterisable database; its intuitive and ergonomic interface make it easy to use.

Collectio enables you to manage and process all of your everyday activities and tasks.

The solution offers innovative formats for viewing your works: to scale, hanging simulation, slide show, thumbnail, mini-thumbnail and grid.

The solution includes a sophisticated template for managing content and data. You fill in the records for your works, your artists, your shows or your bibliographies with the level of information you desire. For example, you can limit yourself to filling in the work’s label, or you can fill in the work’s provenance, attestations, media, dating, inscriptions, installations, editions, etc.

The solution features very extensive professional functions: management of submissions, exhibits, shipping, sales, business proposals, bulk purchases, shipping, insurance, press files, expenses, receipts, to-do lists and contacts. You can deal with and fill in information on your works in batches.

Collectio also features advanced functions for organising, classifying and consulting information: very advanced search and sort functions, keyword and tag systems, personalised classification with the possibility of creating intelligent directories, managing storage sites or versioning files.

Finally, it features original and secure solutions for sharing, exchanging and distributing that enable you to promote your works: an Internet site that you can parameterise and modify with a single click, the ability to create private tours and virtual exhibitions by generating secure URLs, the ability to share images, media and documents with one or more third parties in a secure space, the ability to partially or completely share information using the data export function.